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Daily Prophetic Word June 13, 2017

The Father says, “I am coming in this hour to heal the brokenhearted. I draw closer and closer until you give Me all of your wounds. You will be renewed and restored to an even better place than you can imagine. My healing is a complete movement of love over you. Let Me speak to your inner man and pour out My healing balm upon you. Transformation is upon you.

Many resist My offerings towards them because of a desire to stay hidden. They are looking for an ulterior agenda and draw a boundary line without fully realizing what they have done. Search your heart for walls built up to keep Me out. Freedom comes from the confession of the tongue. Let this be so in your life.

I am seeking a Bride sold out to My Son. A people that desire to be on the Potter’s wheel as an authentic reflection of Christ. Be mindful of what you allow into your life. When your gateways are open to the wrong influences, it will taint and wound more than you will see in the moment. Let this be the time where you forsake all other idols permanently.

You are leaving the time of sorrow for My Unspeakable Joy is calling you. Leave behind the weeping that endures during the night for the new dawn has arrived. What troubles your heart is being answered by My Power alone. What would not move under your efforts is changing by My Authority. I have everything under control, My Child. I will not fail you!”

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