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Daily Prophetic Word June 8, 2017

The Father says, “I am calling those who have been on the run to come back home. Many have been going for so long that they have forgotten why they are even running. I Am your healer and I am bringing My Glory to those that believe one can never truly know if I exist. My Goodness and Love will transcend the gap and deception.

Those who see themselves as gatekeepers in My Kingdom will find that I have removed them. I am not in the business of turning people away. I know the hearts of men and I will unify or divide at My Will. Many take into their own hands what I have not called them to. I will establish many changes through the Saul’s who are destined as Paul’s, in the next decade. Be careful not to judge a book by its cover.

Rumors of this and that will take you from a place of doing your call to sideline quarterbacking. Be mindful what you are placing your attention and interests into. The enemy intends to keep you stuck in the muck of nonsense. You have the ability to feed or stave problems before you. The world feeds everything with no discernment. There is a strategy that you must use if you are to avoid the pitfalls.

Your refuge is in My Arms. Do not hesitate to spend time daily for I will speak to you as you quiet your mind. My Heart will pour out the Oil of Joy and what would not yield to you will come into order. What was working against you will now move with you. Those in opposition will come into agreement. Do not be troubled by the upturned seas. You are moving into My Calmness and Lush fields ready to harvest.”

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