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Daily Prophetic Word June 1, 2017

The Father says, “The Courts of Heaven have heard your case and cleared the records against you. The charges presented have been struck down for good. I have shut the mouths of those that believed you were in the wrong. The chants of ‘guilty’ have been silenced and all of Heaven is celebrating in your honor.

As you walk out this season, many areas will fall into the past. Leave them where they fall. The chains of public opinion will only influence you if you allow it. Decide that the only opinion that matters is Mine. Distractions will come but you will be as a horse with blinders. Keep moving and do not allow the flies around you to cause you to twitch. Their life cycle is short. I have more for you.

Find that in your hands, weapons of old come into your arsenal. The mantles long gone are coming back to My People with upgraded Power and Authority. The foe that you will engage has no plan of attack for he is finite. He has nothing new, but I do My Beloved. The Earth itself is shifting. She is groaning and responding to what I have released over the world.

I created mankind to subdue the land. In this season, you will learn and understand what this truly means. As My Royal Sons and Daughters, the Earth will indeed obey your authority. Walk uprightly in all of your steps so no snare will trip you up. Do not let anything below Heaven take authority over you. You are not limited beyond what your mind will accept. The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives within you. Any questions?”


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