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Daily Prophetic Word May 27, 2017

The Father says, “As a Child, you practiced Dreaming with Me. You believed the world was full of possibilities and your name was written brightly. As you grew, others tried to dampen your excitement with their dose of reality. Many gave up along the way thinking the road was just too difficult filled with unsuccessful attempts and negative feedback.

Today, find that I Am bringing those long lost desires back into your heart. I Am giving you a fresh makeover and showing you just what diamonds I placed within you to accomplish the unimaginable in this hour. Do not worry about what did not go your way in the past. Things are coming into My Will and you will hit the target with power.

Many hear the word Anointed and believe I am just talking about ministry assignments. I will give you My purpose in the marketplace with just as much authority. Where I place you is vital for the Kingdom. Do not think you are less for where you are stationed. With Me as your guide, you will come into My calling for your life even in the unusual and overlooked guard posts. You interact with people more so in your everyday dealings, so I will use you where you are.

Let the darkness run and hide as you walk out your day. Be Mine no matter where your feet may trod. Stand with anticipation for I am up to something gigantic in your life. It is no coincidence in what you will encounter so keep on the lookout for My Hand at work. You are what the lost and dying world needs just in where you are and what you are up to. I have made no mistakes in who you are becoming. Let go and Let Me have My way in your life. You will never regret what I do in and through you.”

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