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Daily Prophetic Word May 24, 2017

The Father says, “What are you trying to start over again? Many go down memory lane trying to relive a moment to make the end results turn out different. I have something better to show you. Open your mind to My Spirit. I am giving purpose to your regrets. I am showing you that I was with you and that I can even make gold out of tin. Do you believe?

The path is moving fast over the next 8 months. You will be reminded of times long gone, but be given My Perspective and Power in those moments. In this time, you will be healed beyond what time alone could do for you. I am putting Air to your Steps. What came with challenge will now come with ease. What would not be tamed will be cooperative.

To the chaos will come alignment under My Authority. The days of being adrift are over. My Favor is coming over you to take you above what is humanly possible. You will experience a closeness like none other. I desire an intimate relationship with you. Place down the beliefs that would rob you of this beauty. You do not need to wait until the cool of the day for I am with you always.

Doors are opening that you did not even know were there. Keys are being handed out to open opportunities that would come no other way than by My Will in your life. My Angels are at your side as you step into the unknown. Rise up My Child. Now is what you have longed for and everything has been made ready. You have fields you did not labor over and wells you did not dig! My Glory goes before you.”

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