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Daily Prophetic Word May 21, 2017

The Father says, “Their eyes were closed for a time for I allowed the deception to be their undoing. Many think they are wise in their own minds while ignoring and rejecting the ones I sent to free them. Arrogance and Pride are their fathers. You cannot have two masters. What I have not joined let no man do so in My Name.

You will watch the eyes of the blind begin to see in this season. Those that opposed you will find that you indeed carried My Voice before them. I will humble those in error. You have weathered the storms that came against you, and before you is peace and tranquility. You have waited faithfully with your petitions in hand. You have wished them well despite their arrows shooting at you.

I will redeem the time that you lost in these past seasons. Time when you believed you should have moved on and yet you were still looking at the same scenery. It was not a lack in you that kept you there. Other factors did not come together, as free-will is an aspect in all hearts and delayed necessary pieces to be fulfilled. I have not forgotten your cries. I will hold you up high for you are My Precious and let not even a hair on your head be harmed.

My Light is shining bright on you in this Hour. I am highlighting you to those who will bring you favor. More is for your now. What you thought only brought you limitations will indeed bring you abundance. I will use those that fight against you to take you to the next level, rising well beyond where their influence can reach. Keep your focus on Me!”

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