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Daily Prophetic Word May 12, 2017

The Father says, “A child does not see itself separate from its mother in the early part of life. Come, as I show you the blessing in your vision being that we are joined and not separate. Be as a child before Me as I give you a glimpse and taste into what we will do together. The world will vye for your attention taking you away from where you should be.

Instill the desire to not be separated in heart and spirit. Many find their wings to soar and then clip them the next minute. When you believe you can do life without My Presence in fullness is when you deceive yourself into walking a life of less. You will only go so far in your natural ability. Refresh your mind in this hour. The smoke that you see is not a real fire. Do not fall for the tricks.

You are being given a new river that will enable growth in increase and multiplication. Wisdom is being placed over those hungry for My Truth. You were not created to be stagnate. Where you are today should not be where you are 20 years from now. I am pouring out My Spirit over the Earth. Take a hold of what is yours in My Kingdom. I am not finished with you and it is not time to pack up to go home.

Jerusalem is My Timetable. Do they look like they are grafted in yet? Will you leave them behind to suit your own interests? They are My Heart. I will redeem and restore the House of David as I would any of My sheep who have wandered off. They are a vital part of what I am doing in the Earth Realm. They carry My Sword and Shield. I Am their Protector forever more!”

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