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Daily Prophetic Word May 11, 2017

The Father says, “Is eternity really the goal and measure? Are you not walking each day out the same regardless of where you happen to be over the course of your existence? Gather your thoughts in this hour. I am opening your mind to experience revelation that will seem so perfect but yet escaped the wisdom of men for millennia. A narrow mind will lead you nowhere.

Your journey may change scenery but it is not an end goal that you will encounter. Even in Paradise will you continue on with a life full of options. I created you to be active with interests and desires. This does not just suddenly change one day. I love how I created mankind. I am not a boring God who will send you to a boring existence one day.

You are full of possibilities now and forever. You are limitless now and forever. You have a destiny as a human to complete, but you have an overall life that extents on with no end. I am not a God who has an ego that will force you to sit and worship on a cloud with no other purpose in mind. Listen, your worship is for your benefit today. It aligns and connects your heart in Mine with a deep intimacy. It is the change within you that worship brings. A sweet offering and fragrance.

Forsake the belief that somehow Earth is more exciting than Heaven. Everything you have now was born in My imagination first and imparted to mankind to create. Is it likely that I will stop creating New or that you will not be able to create beyond this world? You are in My image and I change not. The Core of who you are as a Spirit with My Thumbprint will continue on and explode into what you are fully meant to be. You haven’t even scratched the surface of all that your life will be one day. Do not forget your days now for they are vital, and you have a purpose crafted by My Hand for your now!”

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