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Daily Prophetic Word May 6, 2017

The Father says, “Rested up yet? We are packing up and moving on. Yes, you heard Me correctly. The wait is over and the starter’s gun is about to fire. You are primed and ready. Even though you may have gotten sidetracked lately, I am clearing the path so that you will have nothing else to look at, with that intensity that you can get.

I am calling you to be light-hearted and be at ease with yourself. I don’t take you that seriously so you shouldn’t either. Some days you are highly ridiculous. If I can laugh at it all, then so should you as well. You will find that the burden becomes lighter the less you run around like a perfectious nut. Didn’t we accept long ago that nothing is going to be perfect and in that mess, there is beauty that I will bring forth?

I use you where you are not where you want to pretend to be. Be realistic. Many are struggling to do things that they are simply not that good at. Ask Me if I called you to do that task and where we should go from here. If I called you to continue on in the practice, I will develop you on the way to Mastery. If I have you going in another direction, then why are you over there doing something else?

Some frustrations are not intended to be a part of your life. I want to keep you lean and trim and not weighed down with extras. Listen to My Voice as you survey your daily life. A great cause is wonderful, but meaningless if I have sent you elsewhere. You are serving your own agenda only. Leave your bags at the door for we are crossing over the threshold. You will soon forget all about those unnecessary burdens. Feel the freedom! I have you in the More of Me Kingdom.”


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