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Daily Prophetic Word May 5, 2017

The Father says, “Many of you have been frightened, unsure of what to do. I have called you out of the jobs and positions that you placed security in. You have prayed, hoped, and waited on Me to give you the next, but the sun has not set on that promise yet. Get up! For you are going to receive that which you thought was denied.

I have not held you back or without in order to watch you be in lack. I needed to clear the whole path so that you would be willing to grab a whole new direction. What used to work and flow is a dead end. Do you feel it? I have come to give you life and life more abundantly. Now is your time where the Blessings have lined up so perfectly that you will shocked how this all comes together. There will be no doubt who was behind this miracle.

The land is prosperous once more. You will buy, plow, sow, and reap in your own lands. No more will you be renters giving portions to landlords. You are My Beloved whom I am well pleased in! Shake off the years of dryness. This is not your portion. Think bigger because I have no small present to give you. I have no lack before Me. You are entitled to all that I have! There are no second class citizens in Heaven.

Doors will suddenly fly open and knocks will come to your door. Supernatural favor will come upon you like you have never felt before. My Answer to you is Yes and Amen. You have been faithful even in the little and now you will be paid for years and years of promises even in a single day. You are wealthy in spirit and in the natural. Look Up for your Restoration has arrived!”


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