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Daily Prophetic Word April 29, 2017

The Father says, “You are My Carriers of all that I have for mankind. Stop and think for a moment. Does not all of creation flow around humanity? What is happening in the Earth realm is front and center in My agenda. You are not step-children long forgotten about. You are My Very Beloved who I paid, the debt in full, to have with Me once again and forever. Release the thoughts that you must still grovel before Me.

What still troubles your heart? I have not asked you to be what you cannot. Instead I Am raising you up to be what you already are and just do not fully know it yet! I Am bringing out the rare gems and precious invaluable aspects of who you are and who you are to Me. You are not on a doomed mission, quite the opposite.

When things appear broken it is just because I Am aligning the pieces into the correct order. It may feel chaotic for a season, but you are coming out better than you went in. Trust the process and allow Me to do the deeper internal work required to put you upon the Rock that will withstand any situation and storm. I have steps and even when you walk on a different road, I will build a bridge to place you right where you belong.

Stop looking at what you believe is a failure and receive My Love and Grace. I Am not shaking My head at you in disapproval. My Child, I have you swooped up into My arms this very day. Look into My Eyes and Feel My Heart for you. My Plans are only Good for you and there is no plan B! I will keep you on the path towards all that I set aside for you. You will be victorious no matter how the sky looks right now. Trust and Believe for My Glory is yours!”

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