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Daily Prophetic Word April 24, 2017

The Father says, “Turbulence in the air does not mean that anything is wrong. This simply is your sign that you are moving into new regions and new atmospheres. You are not called to stay stagnant or unmovable. When you outgrow where you are, there is a gift in being transported to places that will give you more in your earthen vessel. There will never be a time where more is not your portion.

If you are limitless then you will never come to your limit. You must stop evaluating life in mere human terms. Today sets you up for tomorrow’s victories yet to experience. Allow Me to build each block and stone in and through you. Even the angels have yet to find their limits and neither will they find such a thing. You are not small or insignificant in My Hands.

For every weakness that you perceive, I Am the strength to overcome that deficiency. You are fused with Christ’s DNA so there are no real weakness in reality. It is when you stray away that you find life challenging, for you are walking in your own power and authority. You become subject to the flesh in ways seen and unseen.

My People, get the welcome signs ready for there is a Coming Home for many who have walked their own walk for decades even. My Spirit is wooing them back into the fold. You will honor Me when you make them feel at home for this is My Love and Desire that all of My Sheep be found. I will use them as they are right now, just as I use you where you are in your journey. Be a Body of Richness for My Namesake and not superficial clones. This is a joyous celebration in My House this Year! An Explosion is in season for My Bride.”

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