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Daily Prophetic Word April 22, 2017

The Father says, “Your harvest is ripe! Even the profit is bountiful. What you thought was destroyed by the locust and cankerworm has recovered with double increase. Have you not heard that I will cause even your enemies to prosper you! You are under My Protection. Cast away the doubt for I will restore all in My Glory.

Many forget that the world is under My Control. When you are going through life looking to place blame consider that you have misunderstood and are in need of My Heavenly Perspective about that very situation. Even when you cause your own calamity I have enough grace to make all brand new again. I Am not alarmed by your missteps. I desire to walk with you in good and bad moments. I can take you through the fire so that you will not get burned.

Let My Love for you Change your very being! I have promised that you will enjoy how your journey turns out. I see it all and I cannot lie. Before there was need for an angelic army, I created one. I have foreseen all that you would come across in your yesterday’s, today’s, and beyond. Do you trust Me? I can steer your ship against any current or winds.

In the next 90 days, find that your suddenlies with answered prayer upon answered prayer becomes your cornerstone for the next movement of My Spirit over your life. You are being promoted in ways unseen but you will shine brighter than a diamond, as you are uncovered from years of being hidden. You have honored Me in the little and the much. Your rewards and Favor are upon you in this season!”

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