• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word April 18, 2017

The Father says, “You are being caught up in this hour. I Am taking you to a new vantage point where you can see and hear the schemes of the enemy. There is strategy being released in this hour. One that will allow you to jump over easily what has been designed to make you crash and burn. Come closer for you are about to grab the baton and take off, for you are ready to go!

You are unstoppable if you will only believe. I will give you the tools to defeat the snares along the way. Keep your eyes on Heaven. My angels are already dispatched, and you have a part to play as well. I did not create mankind to live without power and authority. You have Christ in you. Do not discount the full impact of what this means.

I have not considered you less important or not vital to My plans. You carry unique qualities that only you can do. When you cease comparisons between yourself and others, you will finally see all of the raw gems inside your inner man that I Am polishing in this hour. In the Master’s Hands, the raw stones are cut with precision to radiate light from any angle. Darkness cannot hide with this type of beauty emitting from all sides.

You will break the strongholds and fortresses wherever you travel. If you are willing, I will even show you areas off the beaten path that will yield, as you subdue the land for My Namesake. The more willing you are to be used by My Hand, the more I will expose you to the miraculous that I will do in and through you. Rise up in this hour for what you have asked for is being delivered unto you.”