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Daily Prophetic Word April 5, 2017

The Father says, “I Am the Lion of Judah in your life today. I will come up and out from on the inside of you to defend what is Mine and who is Mine. I have not sent you into fight My battles. I will deal with the matters that are pressing you in this hour. Your enemies do not stand a chance so get ready with your sounds of praise, for even the walls of Jericho will fall for you this very day.

I can and will make a way where there is no way. Nothing is too hard for Me. I want you to understand that just as King David saw Praise and Worship as the key to the miraculous being opened up, that this too is your key to seeing all come into My alignment and even judgment. When you worship, it aligns your heart and mind to My Will and opens up the Heavens to respond to your need. Do not overlook this powerful truth.

Even when you do not have the desire or energy, worship anyway for as you do, I will fill you up and strengthen all that has been depleted. You will gain revelation and perspective while Joy returns to your heart. It won’t take long and soon you will pass hours of time lost in the moment with Me. There is nothing that pleases Me more than spending time like this with you.

There are no shortcuts to getting from one side of the canyon to the other. Sometimes you will walk the whole way and experience all that comes while other times, I will simply take you over to the other side through your faith in Me. Which seems harder in reality? Many will choose to walk it out because they fail to believe I would just transport them over. You have that level of faith already deep within you. Allow Me to show you!”

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