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Daily Prophetic Word April 3, 2017

The Father says, “The Refiner’s Fire removes the impurities to bring out only the best within a person. Many have resisted this process thus delaying their journey to the destiny awaiting them. Be of Good Cheer! I Am doing a new thing in this hour. Those who have dug their heels in, I say repent and come back into alignment this day. I will wipe away your transgressions to accelerate you back along the road to fullness in Me.

When the mind of man fails to understand the Heavenly Purpose, the vision is lost and My people will perish. Stand up once more for I Am not finished with you yet. Are you finished with Me? I will give you the full revelation that you seek when you decide to place down the opinions and traditions of men. I know what it takes to make a vessel, and each step is necessary or you will be crushed under the weight of what you will carry one day for My Namesake.

Don’t let the narrow minds from others cloud your judgment. Just look around and see just who is going to the heights and depths in My Kingdom. People will judge by what they see, but I know what was placed by My hand deep within each person. I know how to pull out the true potential that even you will struggle to see at times. I Am all about doing the miraculous so just believe and throw the doubt out the window. There is no room for anything other than faith in what I can and will do on your behalf.

Let your praises shout loud and wide. I Am tearing down the strongholds that kept you bound and near lifeless. I Am removing the years of foolish immaturity. Let My Best Ring be placed upon your finger once more. What you placed down out of frustration will now be back in your Hands to accomplish what you were created to do in My Kingdom. Your days are paved with gold streets once more. Just follow where I will lead!”

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