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Daily Prophetic Word March 30, 2017

The Father says, “My People have gotten away from being wave makers into letting the water decide where they will go instead. In doing so, they are letting a sinful generation dictate and the darkness advance. A unified Bride can do much and even with a mere 300 can defeat countless pockets inhabited by the enemy, if I Am your Lord. When you become desensitized towards what is evil, you will end up giving it sanction not only in your lands but soon in your heart as well.

Those that live a compromised and complacent road will find that their dial is turned away from My Voice to where I no longer have influence in their direction. Even the smallest decisions will add up to have greater influence and consequences. When you give your life over to Me, I will continue creating you into the image of Christ. No, it will not happen overnight, but there will be plenty of times that you suddenly realize how transformed you have truly become.

The days are filled with options and choices. I will help you in all of your struggles. Your freedom is much closer than you can imagine. There will come a time where you are no longer drawn to the wrong things and can easily jump over the traps in the moment. Decide to walk in the Light in all of your dealings. It begins in the mind and will blossom from there. I know who are really My disciples and who are just going through the motions.

I have spoken great things over your life. I have amazing exploits that I desire to do in and through you. Do not give into the lies circling around. You have access to all that I have right now. Take up your calling and destiny. RUN to the abundance of My Goodness and Glory. I hold you in high esteem as My Royal Sons and Daughters. You are invaluable to Me. Never forget this truth!”


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