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Daily Prophetic Word March 28, 2017

The Father says, “Be like a rubber band; Flexible, Moldable, Stretchable, but do not worry, I will not allow you to break. I instead will only allow you to get so far away from My Presence. As you go about your day, know that it is just quick snap back to be in communion with Me. I can take anything less than My Best and turn it into an unimaginable beauty beyond words or comprehension.

I desire that you follow My lead and do not get too far ahead of Me. Even when you see where I Am taking you, let Me show you the pace to move at. The Path is fully visible to Me, and I will keep you safe even when you believe that I must have left you. Never will that be the case. Do not discount the moments of today for there is much coming and going in your life. The Good is rising up in this hour and will overtake all that you have been waiting and longed for.

Do not let doubt creep in. I will do as I have promised. It does not matter who is against you, I Am for you! There is nothing in life that is bigger than I Am in your life. I have you covered! We are moving together and you Will overcome all that is before you today and for all of the today’s on. I Am using the adversity to take you much higher than you ever would be able to go on your own. You will see in time what a blessing has happened in the still of the darkness.

Just because something is new does not mean it is not sent by Me. I will take you out of a life of comfortability in order to make you into a whole new vessel for My Honor and Glory. Where you are today, you will not end up here. So let the River take you to new and exciting lands. If you let go, you will enjoy the journey far more than when you are fighting against the current. I will do amazing things in your life.”


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