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Daily Prophetic Word March 21, 2017

he Father says, “When you ask Me for a solution come before Me with a clear mind about how I will accomplish that. My people are missing their days of miracles because they have limited thinking and beliefs of there only being one way to achieve that which they ask. I Am a God of unlimited resources and means. If I created everything then surely I can do exceedingly above what you asked for or could think of?

The diamonds in your hands came from unremarkable rocks that were easily tossed away as garbage. Do not make the mistake in discounting the method by which I will come through for you. I see your whole life before Me; Past, Present, and Future. I Am not just arranging your today’s but even the days down the road yet to become your today’s. I will deny you the less that you have asked for when I desire to give you so much more.

I say Come Before My Throne and Ask for the Big, Wild Impossible Requests. Pull upon My Robe and Believe that all will become yours and more. Religious minds will tell you that only a servant is your title and position. BUT I have called you into MORE! I have given everything that I have to give by Giving Up My Son as your replacement. However could you believe your place in Me would be only that of a servant?

You are My Very Children seated with Christ next to Me. I Love you as I Love My Son. Why would you desire a lesser place in My Kingdom? Grab a hold of what is yours to claim. Forsake the lies coming from the enemy’s camp. He desires to usurp you any way that he can. The truth is that he is unable, but he will try to get you to believe it nonetheless. It is time to walk fully in your Sonship. No more double minded days before you.”

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