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Daily Prophetic Word March 20, 2017

The Father says, “I Am giving you faces and places where you will be My Voice, Arms, and Hands to those who are in need of My Touch. I will speak to you even in that still small voice at times, so be on the lookout for those who will be blessed by what is within you. There is a shaking going on and those that have rejected My Son will have their blinders removed. You will be one that they have connection with for My Glory and Honor.

The road has been prepared and the horses are saddled to go. You will ride slow at times and like the wind at other times. I will set the speed so no need to worry. You will reach where I have for you to be. Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. I have a blessing for them and you for what will transpire in these exchanges. Be flexible and open in your dealings.

The Sun rises every day on time. I have not forgotten the promises that you have counted on Me to fulfill, and I will be on time as well. I may just send your brother or sister in to bring that gift into your world. I desire to draw you into a closer knit bond with those in My Kingdom. Many have walked away due to hurt feelings, but I can redeem even those moments of missteps. You will come through to the other side. I have much waiting for you there.

The enemy will tell you to cut your loses before you will get a chance to see My Glory in and through your situation. Resist a rash decision and come ask Me first. By the still brook will I tend to your heart and mind. I can do amazing exploits with those who are fully yielded unto Me. I Am not finished with you and even the most challenging of issues can become Gold through My Hands.”

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