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Daily Prophetic Word February 22, 2017

The Father says, “Many of you are being forced into a rest right now. You have been going and going, but I have you being still for just a moment. I want you to be okay with not taking on the world right now. You will find that your anointings and gifts are not flowing as smoothly right now either. This is not because you have wandered down the wrong road. You are receiving an upgrade and many improvements to how you operate for My Namesake.

You will have to take some time to get familiar with how things will work in and through you again, but it will happen quickly. Soon, you will be off and running at full speed again. Enjoy where I have you right now. I Am not giving you too many assignments right now so don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed either. I will take care of what is to be done. Just bask in My Glory and let My Presence breathe in and out of your very being.

I want you to not be so hard on yourself. Did you hear Me? Religion would have you feeling responsibility for every single thing that happens around you and around the world. The Battle is Mine. I neither slumber nor sleep. I have the world in My hands and there is nothing to fear or worry about. Change the mindset that the world is supposed to only get worse. Change the mindset that the enemy might win today or tomorrow.

What you perceive is what you will believe even when it is not the truth. The enemy looks to blind you to the fact that My Kingdom is forever and I cannot fail. You are on the winning side so therefore you will hold the Victor's Crown. You can do all things through Christ. There is no higher truth. You will overcome all that is before you and all that will come. I hold it all and I Am holding onto you!”

~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope

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