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Daily Prophetic Word February 3, 2017

The Father says, “Tomorrow is just but a day in your journey. Many overlook where they are today because they are seeking something unattainable in their Now, and that is in the Tomorrow's. The Tomorrow's of your hopes and dreams become your Today’s. It is time to fully embrace what I Am up to Today and not look off too far into the future. When your focus in on the ‘later on’ in life, you will miss when that Later On becomes your Now.

Today is where I Am meeting you in the Secret Chambers of My Heart. I Am cleaving to your every word, thought, and hope in Me. I Am planting Good seeds of harvest in your life for you to cultivate. Many stomp on those seeds because they wanted something different Today, but Understand My Child, that what I give you today is indeed setting you up for all of the Grander that you have longed for and More! I said I will exceed your expectations so give Me you best expectations. I will shine bright on your behalf.

There are new streams that have started out as just a trickle. As you seek out to quench your thirst, you will see that these waters become raging rivers that will carry you downstream. Do not get overwhelmed or fight against the currents. In the process, you will be washed clean from all of the debris that has built up in your life. Clogged pipes will do you no Good and will continue to block My flow in your life.

The next major intersection is coming up. You will not miss the turn because I will set up a roadblock in all directions that are not for you. Recognize this in the moment lest you become frustrated. Your freedom and days of prosperity are in this new path. Many will see the roadblock and think they are to chisel away at it. My Yoke is Easy and Burden is Light. Remember that before you dig out your construction tools without My direction. You are made for More and this is your season to have long-awaited promises fulfilled.”

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