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Daily Prophetic Word February 2, 2017

The Father says, “I Am Fully Awake and Ready to Go. Are you? I neither slumber nor sleep, and I Am working out everything in your life. The Rain is falling and you are getting wet for My Glory. In a moment, in a split second, you will turn left or right and be in a New City. All things will become different and changed. What was a struggle is breaking off of you right now.

There is a golden path in front of you. One that will be hard to miss or stray from. I have you on a very deliberate path this season that will not be flexible enough to allow for many missteps. I Am with you and I will warn you when you are walking out of bounds. There are many on purpose moments coming up with divine connections that will take you to the places I have created just for you.

This is a special season between us where you will feel and know My Presence like you have never known before. Just as I walked with Adam in the cool of the day, you will feel our interactions on that level in the natural realm and spiritual realm. I Am coming closer and closer, for a deeper intimacy is where I desire us to be at. You are My Beloved and no matter what came your way today, I Am well pleased with you.

I Am not grading you on a scale that you cannot possibly pass nor am I keeping track of what you fell short on. The Cross wipes away anything less than perfection. Forget about the human limitations for you were born in spirit that is incorruptible. You will arrive and flourish in the blueprints that I have drawn up for you. You will arrive through My Love and ever present care for you.”

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