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Daily Prophetic Word January 28, 2017

The Father says, “What you can’t control is so because I Am in control. Let Go! Stop pushing and pulling. I will take it from here. I cannot fail and I will not fail. You are passing through this life, try not to get stuck on certain moments. You are becoming closer and closer to what I created you to be. What seems like an issue is just an opportunity for Me to overflow My Love upon you.

If you never had a need or desire that I could fulfill then what kind of Father would I be to you? You were created in My image and what you desire for your own children allows you to have just a tiny glimpse into how I feel about you. My storehouses are open and overflowing with your name on it. Let Me remove the debris that is in the way from you receiving.

The Territories you will be going to require different and foreign ways of dealing with what is to come. You were prepared by My Hand in secret during the still of the night. Even though you feel unprepared and far from ready, trust Me, you are ready. I would not send you if you were only being set up to fail. Lean on Me and you will walk through any circumstance in triumph.

You are going to get used to the unfamiliar and you will thrive with Joy. What you thought was an exciting life can’t even compare to what you are about to see. I Am replacing what was broken or just wouldn’t perform the way you had hoped and giving you what is untouchable to the enemy. Release the days of frustration for that is not how the future will be. When you believe in the change, then you will see it right before your feet.”

~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope


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