• MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word January 15, 2017

The Father says, “This is a season of canceled debts. Debts that stem from financial burdens will come into My Authority and reap the harvest replenished from where the cankerworm has eaten. I Am giving you new keys of authority and new avenues to increase your financial abundance. You being in financial lack does not serve Me so change your mindset.

Debts that you have towards another and what another has against you will be stamped ‘Null and Void’ as well. It is your moment to let the past be in the past regarding those you have had conflicts and misunderstandings with. The weight you are carrying around is holding you from promises that are in your midst to grab. I Am replacing years of heartache with My Perfect Love.

Balance is coming back into your life. You will know what is for you and what is only going to take you out of alignment. You were not meant to be busy for busy sake. I have created a life before you that will honor Me far more if you will learn to rest in and be in Love with the Life I have given you. I Am establishing a desire within you that craves life and all of its possibilities. No more narrow thinking. Expand your mind for the horizon goes as far as the eye can ever see.

The enemy only wants you to see the disappointment and ashes from all of the efforts of mankind. Have I not promised to make the most glorious beauty from those ashes? When you stop accepting the lies coming from every which direction, you will uncover the full meaning of Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. Your New Rod and Staff for this part of the journey is ready!”