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Daily Prophetic Word January 10, 2017

The Father says, “You are looking for a turnaround but I say look for Me to turn it completely upside down. The schemes of the enemy are turning upside down and toppling into the ground. Those that are going along with the evil will be going down as well. You will be handed the victory but do not gloat. Keep a humble and merciful heart.

Wishing for calamity to befall someone changes your heart and mind against My commandments. Wish them well and let Me take care of the justice. Go on with what I have called you to do, for life is indeed short and a mere vapor in the wind. You are more than what has happened, and you have so much more Glory to discover on the road not yet traveled. Keep your hands clean and you will walk over anything that comes your way.

Character and integrity are a vital aspect to who you are becoming. People know you by what you display day in and day out. Moments add up to represent your reputation. One moment of anger can change or delay the course that I have laid out. There is physical exile but also spiritual exile. There is nothing more that the enemy desires is for you to take yourself out of the running. Be mindful and use great wisdom in your daily dealings.

I Am the Map of your life. Many look at the map the first day and go off on the trail never checking back to the Map to ensure they have not really lost their way. They believe I Am behind what they are doing because it seems godly, but I Am not behind it. It has been forever since they heard My Voice, and they have yet to notice the silence. You must come to Me daily for our One on One time to be recharged and be assured that the course is still correct. Remember the path is written in sand and not stone.”


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