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Daily Prophetic Word January 2, 2017

The Father says, “Be grounded in My Word and My Ways. See your feet as if they were in cement and unable to be moved. You will not be shaken as long as you keep the heavenly perspective. What seems like it is the end of the road is merely an opportunity. You are on the verge of the Son rising up over your situation. You can do all things through Christ and this is about to become more real to you than any other time in your life. People will be in disbelief and this is not always for your audience to see as it manifests. Their negative mindsets will have an impact if you allow it to. Surround yourself with people who are going higher with you. Be light as a balloon and let the weight of life fall off of you. I will take care of all of your needs. Even when the answer does not arrive today does not mean it is not on the way. Change the perspective from believing you are without and denied to one that knows your Savior is here. You are already seated in Heavenly Places which means you have won. Would you let the victory slip through your fingers today instead? You have choices and decisions that very much impact the future. Take My Hand and walk where I send you. Remain under My protection and forsake ways that lead away from My Kingdom. Grab a hold of what I have for you to do and be. When you think small you will only dream small. The horizon is bright and full of promises. The dark veil has been lifted and you have access to doors that would not open. Use your voice and My authority will flow out of you. When you speak even the rocks will bring forth My living waters. You have the ability to call into existence what was not. I will teach those who are hungry for more. Many quench the Holy Spirit with their words of challenge against what has been seen. They speak against My Vessels and throw stones in their gossip. I will answer to what comes against My Kingdom even from those that claim to be Mine. Many steal the fruits of another and declare as their own works for My Namesake. I treat you as friend and as mature Sons and Daughters. It is up to you to embrace this identity. Judas had the same offer and he made his choice, as so will you. Go where I go or walk off to your own will and consequences. I know what I desire for you. What do you desire?”

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