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Daily Prophetic Word December 16, 2016

The Father says, “All of Creation speaks of My Glory. You cannot even if you wanted to escape My Presence and Majesty. I Am in the Rocks, in the Trees, in the Birds of the Air, and Winds over the Seas. I Am in each One of My People. Decide to fully take on being My Carriers wherever your feet may go. I have crowned you as an Ambassador with My Good News for all to hear and witness to.

When you allow Me to fully use you, find that I will first minister to your mind, body, soul, and spirit. For as your Rivers rise and overflow their banks, so will the Nations be reached for My Namesake. I will not send you out of emptiness, but in complete fullness. May your seams be bursting with all that I have placed on the inside, to overtake the world with My Light and Beauty. You have that much to offer and even greater are you if you will only choose to believe.

Religious minds will always look to exclude and make what I have given mankind harder to obtain. I say forsake these people. I have said all have fallen short, and the price was gladly poured out to My Son. All are welcome in My Courts. You cannot do what you could never do to redeem yourself. I already made a perfect way back to My Arms. For some reason many believe the enemy of your soul will somehow still win in the end.

I know the beginning from the end. I already know what will happen, and My people are waiting out their days to find out what that will be. The truth is deep down you have been given the keys and wisdom. Many forsake these gifts because they do not like My all inclusiveness. I desire that none should perish. Each person was born with My Thumbprint and in My Likeness. I Love My Creation. Be My People and Reach the Lost and Dying World for My Namesake. When you do so, you bring Me Great Honor and Glory.”

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