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Daily Prophetic Word December 14, 2016

The Father says, “The Sun may rise and it may fall in the evening but it never ceases to exist. What you are going through in this hour will find My Warmth surround your days and your nights. I Am coming closer to you in this hour to assure you that I have indeed heard your cries and that I will definitely take care of that need of yours. Rest your head on My Shoulder. I can take your rawest of emotions, and I will not leave you.

I Am restoring what was lost and giving you freedom from chains that were too strong for you to break off on your own. Many will judge you for still struggling with these issues, but My Child, some things are only for Me to take care of. I know your heart, and I Am drying your tears in this hour. You and I know what the truth is, and I will deal with those who speak out of ignorance. Love them anyway. I have more for you than what is in this wasteland of conflict.

Just keep looking up and I will take your hand as we move on from these tombs. What was in the past is done and over with. Do not feel tempted to resurrect the bones from the past. I Am healing you, and what was an unbearable pain will cease to be a part of your life. In an instant, I can undo decades of bondage. Reject the sackcloth of yesterday for I have New Garments of Praise to place over you.

What was holding you back is breaking. What was covering your eyes is being removed. The revealing of what the enemy has been trying to keep you from is moving towards you in rapid speed and with a force that no one can stop. Cast your fears aside. We are going on a beautiful journey that you will not be denied, for I Am your Lord and Your Shield. What the robbers and thieves lie awake to do against you will not succeed. We are going up and out right now!”

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