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Daily Prophetic Word December 4, 2016

The Father says, “I made you to withstand the pressure and triumph over every challenge that may come. You are not small in any way. I am guiding you through the turns and shifts. Many view themselves as an out-of-date model, but today find that you have been refurbished into My Glory. Upgrades and long awaited new assignments are being sent from Heaven above. Focus on the need others have for just what you possess. Too many think they have nothing to offer and live in the despair of comparing themselves to others. If I wanted a carbon copy, I could have done so. Understand that you carry what others do not. You are a vital piece and a much longed for piece.

I can do nothing with a Bride that only wants to be the ears or the arms. You are all purposefully what is missing at this moment in human history. Forsake the notion that someone else could do, what I give you as an assignment, better. I have placed inside of you a part that no one else will fill. If you abandon your post, the whole Bride is vulnerable and sections are left uncompleted. Stand united Hand and Hand with your brothers and sisters in Christ. What good does it do anyone when the Body rejects various parts because they believe the function can be lived without. Will not death soon follow?

If I put it there then it is necessary and not to be overlooked. Each level of foundation supports the upper foundations. What you seek to collapse will do so upon you. I have not failed to notice those who have evil intentions against others. I will answer to all of it that goes on within My House and Temple. Who do you consider your God? There cannot be two in your life. What you do and say matters and has a heavy weight. Is it not so that all of your days are written out before Me to read? Do not succumb to foolish prideful endeavors. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

I want you to forsake following the crowd and people pleasing. Who you fellowship with molds and shapes you into that mindset. After all, do not gossipers and slanderers huddle in corners together? Sin brought you death, and I have restored you to life. Turn away from the death both in words and deeds. Your very soul depends on what you choose to feed it with. You have been in a time of dryness and only finding little trickling streams. Today, find the water springing up from the deeps and rivers turning into oceans. All that you need has been supplied. You are ready! Believe in yourself because I believe in YOU!”

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