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Daily Prophetic Word November 29, 2016

The Father says, “To some, they feel like they have been waiting an eternity for Me to move them into their calling, but in truth, the key has been in their hands all along. I can set up every aspect of the journey, but you must step up and out to become what is necessary and to do what is asked. When you park yourself in the belief that I am doing it all, you will find yourself stuck while others pass you by.

You are co-creators with Me. I desire you to be active participants. I am raising you into mature sons and daughters who will stand with My angelic army. When you are distracted with the in’s and out’s of daily life, you will miss that I have been standing here all along ready to move you onto the next book in your life. The Israelites went through many seasons of lessons and testing, and yet their decision was to complain and speak against those I used to bring them up in the Kingdom.

You must release and let go of the religious cows that have become your idols. My Light and Truth cannot penetrate your heart and mind when you would rather stay in the old ways. I set before you complete freedom, but I will not make you drink from this Revelation. The excuse that we have always done things this way so therefore it must be correct has no place in My Kingdom. Let Me work out what is not in alignment so that you can bear much fruit. I am not in yesterday. Now is where you will find Me.

The path to greatness will always make waves big and small. You will find persecution from strangers and friends alike. People will lie about you and others will believe the slander against you. Even your greatest ally may become your least trusted. If they walk in spirit to Spirit with Me, they will know what is truth and what is from the enemy. They will stand with you even in the darkest of moments. I will not let you get swallowed up by your accusers for they serve the enemy but claim to serve Me. I will answer any assault that comes your way. Trust in Me for I have new Heights, and it is time to get off of the sideline of life. You will not regret a life abandoned unto Me. Ready, Set, Go!”

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