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Daily Prophetic Word November 23, 2016

The Father says, “I am establishing a heavenly perspective in your heart this day. I am taking you from a babe into a maturity which will endure the storms of life. There are moments where I will give you an escape or rescue or take you above. But there are times that My purpose in your life is to take you through that very storm you feel just cannot be My Will. What has power against you will build within you the very characteristics and attributes that are necessary for future parts of your destiny. Without these aspects, your foundation will crumble, and you will fail where I send you.

It is never My intention for harm to befall you. Stay close for I will not allow even your hair to become damaged. See yourself as the warrior that I am creating in you. Even when you feel you have not arrived yet, you are closer than you realize. By the fire will you be made, strengthened, and overcome into full victory. Rise up to the challenge and do not let the voices of despair hit your soul. Fight back to those that speak negative words over your situation. Many will tell you to curse God and die, but I say you will live and walk into more abundance of joy than you can contain.

I am making you into a vessel of overflow. What I place on the inside will be more than you can hold onto and will spill out as great blessings to those you encounter. Let Me have My way with you. I have promised not to disappoint. What I have written out in the blueprints of your life will be your reality if you choose. I will not force you, but you can only reach all that I have set aside for you through aligning with Me. Many run to and fro believing that I have left them to drown when the truth is they left as the prodigal son. Am I your Lord every day or just whenever?

Search your own heart and mind. Are you a fair-weathered friend? Do you think that I am only working in your life during good times and that I am against you during hard times? My Child, See that My Goodness is yours each and every day. This age will soon pass and you will be left with every promise I have spoken still in your hands. I can give rebirth to what you felt was gone forever. I will continue to replace the broken for new! Release the doubt and fear. Choose not to go back into the bondage of yesterday. Nothing good will come of a double-mind.”

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