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Daily Prophetic Word November 14, 2016

The Father says, “My Power runs through you. Never think or believe you are far from all that I have for you. See beyond and understand that I will come when you ask, but I may not answer in the same manner that you thought. Can you believe that I have better than what your mind can comprehend? I would be doing you a disservice if I did as you desired when there is much more than I can actually do. You may not always see it at the moment, but many more gifts will arrive down the road of life.

Let everything be loose in your hands unless I tell you otherwise. Let me rearrange and move what needs to be adjusted. When you struggle against this process you will prolong the time, but also find despair hit your soul. It is all about how you perceive what is happening. You can either rejoice for I am doing a new work inside of you, or you can see it as a punishment and a loss. How you respond in attitude shapes your experiences. The enemy will tell you that this is not for good but evil. Who will you trust?

Going from Glory to Glory is your portion. Too many are going from pit to pit because their mindset is not tuned into the Frequency of Heaven. Change the station in your heart and mind. Decide that you do not know it all or have all of the answers. Can you be your own god? Many try this exact thing day in and day out. Following your Lord sometimes and not other times will never get you to any destination in reality. You will continue to leave the path for your own fleshly desires leaving chaos in the wake. How can you be upset at the outcome when these were your own choices?

Ask Me to remove the religious law that you have veiled yourself with. If you truly want the freedom that My Son died to give you, understand the religious works must die as well. The law will never get you into Heaven or even provide you with the richness that My Way will. This will feel uncomfortable, foreign, and naked at first, but soon your eyes will see what I have been teaching you. A broken system is still broken even when we try to pretend we are happy in it. Real Joy is allowing me to remove what is not of Me. Others will not always celebrate your liberty, but just keep moving with My winds and you will never go wrong.”

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