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Daily Prophetic Word November 13, 2016

The Father says, “Just when you counted yourself out of the equation, you found that I have taken you into a purpose and plan. David worshipped and shared his heart with Me long before he heard My reply. I will create a need within your void that only I can fill. Many will try to place other people and things into that emptiness only to find out that nothing truly works. When you let Me in, I will heal the brokenness and erase the years of lack.

Just because the world goes through turmoil does not mean My people must go through it as well. Can you be prosperous in all seasons if I am your Lord? I will give you the strategy despite the wind howling in your ears. When have I let My people down in the past? What are you being led around by? Let your spirit rise up in this Hour. We are charging the gates of denial and finding the land of promises. What I have said is yours is indeed yours.

You control may aspects in your life and what you allow will begin to shape you. Evaluate what should be pulled out and give it to Me for removal. I am not a harsh taskmaster. I will be gentle with your shortcomings and perceived faults. I can use it all for I find no waste in who you are. Come a little closer. Tomorrow, find a miracle in your midst. Find the answer to a long awaited prayer that you even grew tired of hoping for. I did not forget.

You are walking right into the Kairos time, for many long battles have broken and made way for your answer to manifest. What you have little faith in will find you just as what you had great faith in, just the same. I will be reminding you of long overdue answers so that your excitement will build. What seemed like a denial was just a lesson in growing up in Me. I will keep My word unto you. Never give up on what I speak over you!”

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