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Daily Prophetic Word October 17, 2016

The Father says, “I Am wrapping My Arms of Love around you just to show you how important you are to me. Others may come to steal your joy, but your Joy Comes from Me. I Am your help in a very time of trouble. I will see you through the fog and unsettling ground. I will take you from Glory to Glory. I will give you an ocean if need be, or I will give you dry land just the same. Cast away all of the fear and doubt, that comes in the night, to vex your soul.

Nothing is too big or small for My time and attention. You are going through a time of change, both internally and within your external world. What was familiar is making way for the unfamiliar. Many do not look forward to change, but I say this is the best news you can receive. I have promised not to leave you where you are, so we must keep moving on. As the scenery moves from one to the next, find your feet surefooted. You will not stumble or get lost on some side trail.

Adventure awaits the bold and courageous. Many will see this as trench warfare, but I assure you that there is way more power and authority that My people are walking in over the whole Earth. What wasn’t tapped into before, will come easy in this hour. Pieces that didn’t fall into place previously, will now just fit and make sense. You are not alone! My Spirit is establishing My Decrees, and My Word will not return void. My Winds will take you through all of the adversity unscathed.

Hold onto everything with a loose grip. What I place in your day may only be there for a short time. Many assignments are quick but just as vital as the longer ones. See Me working behind the scenes. I will move and shift you to what is needed around you. Take on only what I say is yours to accomplish. I do not want you to do what is for your brother or sister, even when you feel they are dropping the ball. I will deal with that as well. Focus on your own tasks, and let My Peace and Rest find you at the end of your day. I Am so proud of You!”

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