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Daily Prophetic Word October 13, 2016

The Father says, “I have taken the training wheels off, and it is time to try out what has been developing on the inside. Be mindful that many religious minds will seek to put those training wheels back on, but I say, Go For It! I Am here if you fall. Nothing to worry about. Just as an eagle must leave the nest to learn to fly, you are out of the nest learning and stretching your own wings. I qualify you not anyone else. Consider yourself fully vetted for My Namesake and Kingdom.

Many are looking for a bad report card when in fact I only see the good. Do you not know that the Blood washes away all that is less than My Best? I have no desire to see what is less than what I Am taking you to and through. It is finished means exactly that. I no longer see the sinner, and you have emerged as My Saint. Be Free, for when you place chains around your mind, body, and soul you will limit all that your spirit is capable of.

You are granted Title and Deed. My Living Waters never dry up. Partake and let all who desire to come as well. It is time to walk like you are truly My Royal Sons and Daughters. Put away the warfare among yourselves. If I Am your Lord, then I will fight those battles for you. I Am doing a new work in those that are truly My Followers. See the old masks, being worn, slowly crumble away. A more authentic way of living is coming. No longer will you fear what man can do to you.

Smell the Fresh Breeze and the Rich Air. My Spirit is hovering over your home this hour. Speak to your eyes and command them to see; speak to your ears and command them to hear. I do not want you to miss a thing. I Am showing you different aspects of your life and what is transpiring in this season. Put away the notion that it will never change. I Am all about the impossible becoming possible. You are in My Safe Hands. I will part the Red Sea that you didn’t even know was an option. All is coming into focus. Get Ready!”

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