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Daily Prophetic Word October 6, 2016

The Father says, “You will swim the deepest Oceans. You will even ride the highest of Waves. You have known that I was increasing your gifts, but you have not seem the fullness yet. Do not think you have missed your appointed time. I will do as I have spoken. Do not worry about what you are still struggling to get out into the atmosphere. I have not taken off the brakes yet so that you can start to manifest these gifts. You are not far away from this coming to be. I have not forgotten that you are waiting to get busy in what I have anointed you to do.

What is growing is also multiplying in a great increase. Do not be in a hurry for this increase must not be cut off too soon. I want you to come into fullness and capacity right before overflow. Then I will take and pour you out to a lost and dying world. The fear that comes to mind, you must shake off for it will grip your soul until you are unable to reach the prize. What rises up against you in this hour is due to what you carry for My Glory. Do not let it rattle you or make you second guess where you are to go.

I have you in My Hands. I Am not caught off guard by what you are faced with. My Pinions are covering you, My Child. All is well, and you will come out of all that you are going through. Look to what you know to be true despite what the naysayers are yelling on about. They are not ones who desire or will receive what I Am doing in this hour. For what a man rejects, he will not partake in. Many cancel their own blessings by speaking against those I have called and raised up within My Kingdom.

You have the power for good or evil. Everyday you get to decide in all that you encounter. Be careful, for even in the smallest of missteps could cost a person the highest of favor. I will not play games and so you must not play games with areas that will look to take your soul away from My Light. What seems harmless packs a strong vice grip. Use the wisdom that I have placed within you. I Am in control of all destinies. I Alone will commission you, and let no one try to remove you from where I have placed you.”

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