• MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word October 3, 2016

The Father says, “If I allowed you to go back in time to fix all of the regrets that you have, then that is how you might choose to spend all of your days. Living in the Past will rob you of the glorious future that I have waiting. You either grow through mistakes or you continue to reap a harvest of consequences, that you wished were not true. I have instead designed a life where you learn grace and mercy for not just others, but yourself as well. The Cross and Resurrection Covers, Forgives, Heals, and sets you Free so that you do not have to live in days long gone.

Look up and not behind. I will use all of the wasted moments if you just hand them over to Me. Did I not take the sins in the Garden and turn all into a Magnificent Upgrade at the Cross? Release the mind that would see things as worse instead of coming into the Glory that I designed this to finish as. I Am the Author! I Am the Finisher of Your Faith. Let that sink in for a moment. I did not abandon mankind for any failure, and I choose to establish My Kingdom through the hands of My Bride as well. YOU ARE NOT INSIGNIFICANT TO MY PLANS!

There are moments such as these that you need to fully recognize that the enemy has been whispering deadly lies into your ears. What pings in your head, you must reject and turn away from. I created you out of My Love. There has never been a day where I have changed My Mind about YOU! NEVER! I fashioned every aspect about you from the very foundations. Even the parts that you do not like about yourself, I enjoy. Don’t believe Me?... then I will show you. Get ready, for things are about to change so rapidly that you will find it hard to keep track.

The prison door has opened. All that was working against you has been destroyed. Look with fresh eyes. The debris is being swept away. When you walk through that door, see that all has been made new. The steps that you take have never been made before. I have your Hand. We are going to do amazing exploits and change the face of the world with each new day. Do you believe? It is time to receive what you were made for, and what I careful stored up for this wonderful adventure. Cast the fear aside. You were born for this!”