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Daily Prophetic Word August 28, 2016

The Father says, “I promised to remember you, and Today know that you have been remembered. Just as Noah was on the Ark waiting, and I remembered him, this is your day and you are coming out. The waters are receding, and you are being placed on dry land once more. What seemed like it would never come to an end, is finished. The season of testing and trials is completed, and you have passed the test. What the enemy sent to destroy will launch you into the next great adventure waiting just on the other side.

Do not look back with bitterness or regret. I will wash away all that is on your mind, Child. I know what you have been through, and I know what came against you from the enemy. I Am not looking down with disappointment. I Am celebrating, and we are dancing this very day. Let go of the ashes of what was, and take on what is coming. You will need all of your attention and resources for what you will walk into, very soon, very soon.

There is no time to sit back. We are about to move at full speed and take on the fullness of what is yours for this new season. People will look to hang on to you and drag you backwards. Break free and keep moving forward. You do not belong here anymore, and there is no time for you to delay yourself. You will not be able to please others, so decide now how you will respond to the push and pull. There is no stopping the momentum once we are underway.

Get your things in order and stand ready to go. The words ‘should have’ will not be in your vocabulary. The course has been laid in, and the land that you are going to is seeking for just what you have. No need to second guess. You are the one who will answer the void. The final provisions are being loaded for the journey. Let your Joy arise and the fear flee. You are under My Protective Wings, and I Am so very pleased with you!”

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