• MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word August 22, 2016

The Father says, “Where I lead, are you following? Many listened to illegitimate voices that told them to get off at a stop sooner than I spoke. Others made a right turn instead of a left. And a few more decided that it was just too late to get it right. I Am not as hard to please as you may have heard. A heart ready and willing to get back on board is a heart I can work with. It is not too late to find the path that I created just for you. Can I not catch you back up to where you should be? Put aside the negative beliefs that there are no more chances. I already know what you will and won't do. I Am not caught off guard. I Am still here waiting for you to look up instead of towards what has gone wrong.

I will replace your shame with an abundance of joy. I place upon you a portion of grace and not alienation. You didn't stop being Mine just because of a slip. I will do the unimaginable with a life yielded to Me. Just make a decision and stick with it, even on the days you would rather erase. I have the final say, and I have said that you will love the outcome. Focus on the promises I have spoken to you. If you need a reminder, I will surely give you even more than what you remembered. I will continue to work with your weaknesses and short comings until the end of this age. I am the one who makes the impossible possible. You are along for the joyful ride of favor and blessing.

It is time to put away a mind of wanting less than all that I desire for your life. It is time to no longer think that you deserve anything less than what was restored to you through the Cross and Resurrection. You have been taken to a new place that is even better than what was in the Garden of Eden. You are not walking in a lesser plan. NO! I made a way for you to have an even greater portion and greater position in My Kingdom. Command your eyes to see and your ears to hear. I do not want you to pass by what I Am saying.

What you make room for is what will find you. Judas was not able to believe I would do mighty exploits in and through him. He perished never seeing what I saw in him. You have a mind and free choices as well. What you choose to see and believe for in your own life is what sets you free or places you in bondage. I have no plans to change My opinion about you. I already know everything about My beautiful creation, and you are a masterpiece still under construction but a masterpiece that is worth all that I have.”