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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word August 8, 2016

The Father says, “The Battle is Mine. My people, I have created life to be enjoyed and loved. Know how to have balance in your life. You will burn yourself out and sacrifice your relationships if you do not. I have made you with the need to rest. Utilize this blessing. Put down what I Am telling you to place down. Even the angels rest, not out of physical need, but because rest is what all of My creation enjoys without guilt. You do not have to take yourself so seriously. Laugh, Dance, and Run through My fields of gold.

You say, ‘I have nothing to celebrate.’ Ask Me then. Go ahead. Ask Me to show you all that you have to be happy about beyond imagining. Will I not place in your spirit, joy that surpasses your circumstances? What you think is going wrong in life, is really just you being set up for My Glory and Greatness to break over your life. Get your mind off of what looks unpleasant and look at all that I Am going to do on your behalf. It is because of what you are enduing, that Joy certainly does come in the morning. I Will come through. Know that I Am busy making all of the arrangements during your day and during your night. Do I slumber or sleep?

Focus on the Way Maker. For when you place your trust and faith in Me, you will be able to rest and enjoy life with the full abundance that was paid for on the Cross. I know what you are going through. I understand the why’s that you cannot see. Do not give up before your day of breakthrough. You are closer than you realize. Many give up for a season and place themselves in delay. Stand up, and grab ahold of the truth. You are not a cosmic accident hurling around a bright object in the sky. No, You are My Precious Sons and Daughters who I have given everything for. I will not stop before all that I have written at the foundations comes to completion.

Stop and See Yourself for who you really are in Me. You have always been with Me, and you always will be. There has never been a moment where you were not first on My Mind. Will you trust that I can get you through every day, and give you a reason to shout and sing? Will you let Me take care of that burden you so willingly hold so tight? I have higher reasons for the path that you are on. Do you believe that I Am for you, truly? What I grow deep on the inside of you is a rare diamond with such brilliance and clarity that it will shine brighter than all of the stars in the heavens. Everything is going to be all right. I cannot lie!”

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