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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 31, 2016

The Father says, “Today is a turning point beyond what you have asked for or anticipated. What you thought you needed is actually been upgraded to include what I desire to place in your life in more fullness. You have petitioned in My Courtroom, and I have heard your pleas. The answer you have been waiting for is already on its way. Know that the information that you thought was clear about this matter is not the complete story. I will be speaking to your heart and mind about this issue in more depth because I desire you to understand the truth in entirety. I intend to take you to a new level of growth through this outcome.

As you surrender to this process, you will come out stronger and better able to handle these types of issues in the future. I Am not a God who would leave you where you are. My heart is that you become wiser and able to see past the feelings in the natural to make better choices for your benefit. Being patient to let the whole story unravel is a vital part of this. Sometimes things are hidden for a time, but when you wait upon My help, you will make the right choices. Not everything needs your response when you are pressured to give it. Wait for the smoke to clear.

Be careful who you confide in for a pot stirred is like witchcraft to your soul. Surround yourself with people who will bring life and not more strife. Choose those after My heart and who will present divine wisdom as if coming straight from My Throne room. Those speaking from their own flesh will lead to decisions that will be the demise to the situation. I will send you helpers when you are willing to put away unrighteous speech. I desire that you walk your days with people after My own heart, for this is a blessing from Me not to be overlooked.

I Am washing over your spirit My Love this hour. My Glory reaches even the smallest needs in your life, for this brings Me pleasure to meet all of your situations. I Am Omnipresent. There is not a moment that I Am not with you in all ways. Call upon Me, and I have promised to come through on your behalf. You are not wasting My time, in fact I Am saving your time. The enemy of your soul seeks for you to be busy about all of those obstacles in your path. But when you walk in My Peace, you will hand me those issues first, leaving only Joy and Serenity left in your day. Choose a new way of responding, and you will walk on that water everyday.”

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