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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 27, 2016

The Father says, “Capture the moments of your today’s with Grace in mind. Whatever happens today, do not let it grow internally without covering in My Grace. My people need to grasp the understanding of what Grace is and what it is not. Grace fills in your short comings and allows you to reach heights and exploits that are not available to you within the human abilities. It allows you to reach potentials that only by My Voice and Hand can you obtain. It guards you from living in the less than mentality, that the sin curse placed on your soul.

You are not carrying around the baggage of mistakes and failures of days gone by, unless you choose that lifestyle. The Cross and Resurrection set you free. Grace understands that I, the Lord your God, will create in you a new heart that is pure as gold. As you fellowship with Me, you will continue to be transformed from Glory to Glory. This is not a one time process, but an example of the beauty that I Am doing in and through you all of your days on Earth. I will mold your desires to be an echo to My Heart of desires and will for your life.

Days of being unsure of what you are to do for My Namesake will make way for a solid and clear path. What was covered and hidden will be opened like a treasure chest, preserved at the depths of the ocean, for this time in your life. Many reach certain points in their life thinking that their best years are behind them. If I Am your Lord, your best years are right in front of you. You are made for more and made for all I have designed over you since the foundations. I have left nothing off of the table. You are only limited by what you believe and have trust in Me for.

I Am not waiting for you to find some way to be qualified. I take those completely unable and make them fully equipped and ready to go. Do not expect your experience to be like those around you. You are a unique individual, and I do not make carbon copies. I will fashion you to a perfect fit, and you will be a blessing to all that you interact with. I stick closer than a brother, and I will do exactly what I have promised to do. You are Mine, and I value you as highly favored and worthy of My Kingdom. Kairos time is upon My People. Like a Master Chess Player, I Am positioning My Called and Chosen. Kingdom clashes with kingdoms. Change is in the air.”


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