• MaryEllen McCloud

Your Daily Prophetic Word July 17, 2016

The Father says, “Kindness is something that you can afford to everyone, even when there may be a question as to if the person is worthy or not. Do it for Me! I will decide the outcome of every action that you do unto Me. It does not matter about the personal opinion or performance level involved. I want you to see yourself as doing unto Me even with the least of them. I love them, just as I have loved you since the beginning. They are redeemed regardless if they have chosen to accept My invitation. You are a way maker and seed planter. Know that what you do will not go unnoticed or unrewarded. Your heart is Mine, and I will make it beautiful in all things.

Many are shipwrecked in more ways than you will be able to know or see. They walk through their life putting on a facade that only I truly understand. Many will judge them and shout that they deserve all of this despair, but I say NO! It does not matter what the enemy has done against them, I still desire that they walk in blessings. Did you hear Me? I blessed you before you came into My Kingdom, and I give My love and favor to those yet to find Me. Do not wish harm to another for this is of the mind of witchcraft. My people need to stop cursing one and all, for My Hand of justice will not stay for much longer. You are playing with fire when you enjoy the misfortune of others.

I want you to rise above the petty strife and disagreements you have been tempted to fall into. Walk away from conversations that bring No Light or Glory to My Namesake. You do not have to entertain foolishness. Yes, you will lose friends, but are these the soul grabbing friends that you honestly wanted in the first place? Living in the garbage created by ones own speech is still living in garbage. You can dress it up in fancy clothes, but it is still garbage. Guard your mind and your mouth. My Bride must see herself as Holy and Righteous in order to forsake anything less than My Best. When you truly see yourself the way that I do, you will never want any other image of you before man either.

You cannot change other people, so make a decision where each person belongs in your life. If I Am your Lord, I will work on their hearts for you, but understand that you too must give Me your heart so that I may adjust and realign you as well. What is hidden under that stone will be revealed when I turn it over. You must examine your own life and be open to all that I will show you that is in need of change. Did you expect only others required My help? You will be surprised how much happier and lighter you will become when you let Me do a good work in you. I desire to release the bondage and chains holding you back, even the ones you have become blinded to. Let Love be your way of life. Not everyone will appreciate this way of life, but I promise to heal you quickly so that your heart remains pure and sings a new song daily. You are My so precious Sons and Daughters. Do not wear filthy rags anymore. I have given you a way to a better life.”