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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 16, 2016

The Father says, “You have heard before that what goes around comes around. The enemy has no new tricks up his sleeves, but know My Children that just as in the days of old, I Am rising up a new army with New Leaders to combat the foes of today. Do not think that all is lost or lose your hope. NO! I Am the God of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Is there any higher authority to defeat Me? Stop wailing at the wall of doom and come see all that I Am doing to advance My Kingdom against the darkness. There is no threat alive that will survive. Did you hear that. Let Me repeat, there is NO THREAT alive that will survive. I have called you to advance for My Namesake not run around dazed and confused.

Am I wringing My hands wondering what I will do to answer the last problem? I Am the Alpha and Omega. Nothing escapes My reach. I have plans only for your good, and I have promised to turn around EVERYTHING for your benefit. Understand what I Am up to may not look anything like you have thought or imagined. Leave your mind open and watch Me doing the miraculous. I will deal with all evil before Me. I Am not sitting by while suffering goes unanswered. You can do more damage against the kingdom of darkness just through your Praise and Worship. Understand that the enemy cannot stand the Glory and will flee in the presence. Let your Joy rise up for you have weapons that will destroy all that you are fighting against this very hour.

You say, Lord what do I have to be happy or thankful about? It does not matter what report you heard or even believed. You are already victorious, so grab on and let that lift you out of the dungeon, for even Paul and Silas sung their way out of prison. Nothing can or will come against you that I will not rescue you from. You are My Beloved. I give you wisdom, discernment, and revelation, but I cannot make you use it. Kingdom will clash and collide with kingdoms. What is not of Me will fall to the ground. You are not walking around weak and frail. Time to put on your armor and stand as I created you to be. Get your mind off of what you think the world looks like. Dark times always make way for the Light in more ways than you can imagine.

I Am still on the Throne. As you go about your life, remember that I have already sounded the trumpets of victory. The enemy will blind and bind those that choose to let him. I say to you this day that you are not a victim of circumstance. You ARE an Atmosphere Changer. Speak into the air My Will and watch it materialize before your very sight. You are co-heirs with Christ. Claim what is your inheritance with the authority and power that you possess. You have control over the waves that rage. Focus on what I have called you to do, and the enemy will no longer keep you distracted with the smoke screens of your hour. You choose how you will affect the world and how the world will affect you.”

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