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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 12, 2016

The Father says, “Walk by My Brook of Living waters. I took care of Elijah’s needs at the Brook Cherith. If I can command even the birds of the air to meet the needs of My servant, what more can you expect from Me in your hour of need? Did worry become part of your instructions too? I have no limitations to what I might do on your behalf. You may only see one or two possible ways, but I create the impossible into possible. Is anything too hard for Me?

Why have you lost hope? Speaking loss and death won’t improve the situation either. There is a difference between coming to Me with how you want that problem handled, and asking Me to take care of it with My seal of perfection. Do you believe I have a better plan? I will show you when you are calm and regrouped. I want to bring a new level of refreshment to your soul and spirit. I desire that you know how to dance in season and out of season. My celebration is always breaking over your day.

Look for the smaller joys for they are set ups for larger gifts. There is a time for everything under Heaven. It is time to get up and hold out your hands with great expectation. No matter who tries to convince you into giving up, do not, for you are closer than you know. Your faith releases the breakthrough and the miracles. When you stop, you cancel your request before Me. Do not cancel your request. My desire is to give you blessings, and favor, and abundance in all things. I would do anything for you. Not everything can be given at once. Trust Me even when you have no understanding of the ‘why’s’ in life.

The date is already circled on the calendar. You are walking closer and closer. Do not become your own stumbling block. The raven may look different in your life compared to another, but there is no difference in My answer. I have said Yes and Amen. You are not denied or punished. I Am guiding you so that you can walk in all that I have for you. The crooked path is becoming straight right before your eyes. What seems complicated is simple to Me. Do not let your mind stop your blessings. I Am raining My love and joy over you this hour. Grab a hold into what I Am doing and saying, for My Goodness is before you.”

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