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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 28, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word


The Father says, “I have placed you on the side of this hill so that you will be able to hear My voice with full clarity and without strain. My Winds will blow at the precise moment to carry My voice directly to your ears. There are times in the day when My voice will be louder. Stop for a moment when you sense this happening. Do not continue on with your busy day. I want to share with you information that is vital to this time in your life. Close down all other frequencies and set your dial just on Me. What you put down will still be there in a moment.

You are not a drift on a raft that was strung together by scraps of random materials. Too many think I gave them the bare starter kit to life and let you have at it alone to figure it all out. Does this sound reasonable? I fashioned and knitted every aspect of your being in the womb. Details that only I know about are lying deep within just waiting for My Voice to bring them out. Oh, you just wait and see all that I Am exposing deep within you in this hour. Hidden gems just below the surface of your earthen vessel.

Why don’t you take a risk and ask Me for a new gift. Will I say no after I invited you to reveal a desire on your heart? Am I not the God of all gifts and talents; both natural and supernatural? If I Am not limited, then all is available to you as well. I Am not a tease to place that before you only to pull it away. See beyond the improbable to My answer which is simply, Yes and Amen! I give you more because it brings Me great joy and honor when you step out and use what I have given you. Sure many will take, what I give so freely, for granted, but you understand the specialness of what is being offered to you this very day.

From the rivers within your own earthen vessel will My expression of who you are flow out like the mightiest of Rivers. A river that can only be contained by Me alone. I say to you, just let it flow out. I have not called you to hide what I have given you or to only show to a few select people. No, what is coming from you is to bless the multitudes. You were created to be a Beacon on a Hill. My Light reflects within you to shine over the whole land. Open your doors and windows, for I Am coming to you in a brand new way today. Let me show you what you mean to Me. I Love you so dearly. There is nothing I would not do for you!”

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