• MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 4, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 6/4/2016

The Father says, “I came down to you over 2000 years ago, now it is your moment to come up to Me. Many are standing in the same spot day after day thinking I will come down into their situation, when the truth is that they must come up higher to see above their situation for the divine strategy and solution they desire. Only when you see your need through My Eyes will you understand beyond the logical mind of men. You are made for more than this mere human existence. You are Royalty not paupers.

You are occupiers, Not just on Earth but in Heaven too. Do not walk through life looking down. No, LOOK up for what you seek comes from above. My answer comes from no other direction in reality. I have seen your needs before the foundations of the world. Nothing today is a surprise and all has been taken into consideration on your behalf. Where you go to for your solutions is where you consider your source of help. Watch this carefully. If your first instinct is to go to another person, you will miss what I desire to show and teach you about this moment in your life.

You cannot serve two masters. The opinion you seek will rule over you with influence deeper than you realize. Follow man or follow Your Heavenly Father. Seek first the Kingdom. A man’s way seems righteous in his own mind. Would you rather get the correct path from Me or hope that another’s advice works out? It is true I will send My vessels to you for help and guidance, but did you seek Me first so that I may release that vessel to you? There is a difference. I desire that you grow deeper in intimacy with Me. You will not do that when you are looking anywhere other than Me.

I have deep rivers just set aside for you to drink from. Divine Revelation is coming to My True Servants, as what I Am doing in and around the world is not only accelerating, but changing in unprecedented ways. I Am lining you up into the correct position that I have planned to use you for in My purposes. Logic will not be your guide. You will ask Me why this and that is taking place in your life, but know that adjustment needs to happen for you to be right where I plan to place you. You are not being punished, You are about to be blessed beyond measure. What I remove, I will surely replace with interest and favor! The Trumpets are sounding, it is time.”