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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word May 29, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 5/29/2016

The Father says, “Come to the Cross. The Cross offers you so much more than you realize. There is nothing about you that is the same because of the Cross. All is wiped clean and all is able to be restored, not to its original state but to perfection beyond what once was. You are a Bride and you are infused with the DNA of The Bridegroom Jesus Christ. From the minute you leave this world, sin will never enter your life again. Do you not understand? Without the works of the Cross, sin could always threaten your security. Covered in the Blood means never again will sin enter your life in eternity.

No more tears, no more struggles, no more pain and regret. A freedom that you have not known, but one day it will be all you know. So many believe heaven is a boring place. Why ever would I spend all of this time on something that was not grander than anything you could imagine? I have given you a life to live fully on Earth, and you will have a much more spectacular life to live in Heaven. Did you expect not to actually have a life to live there too? You are so precious to Me. I will not waste your time or give you a lackluster existence.

You are not living for today, but for eternity as well. Look at all that is around you and make a decision about whether this should be in your life or not. You cannot hang onto things because of complacency or not wanting to rock the boat. Be on purpose with all, for you cannot get this moment back. Wasting time on the wrong people will steer you off track. You have a beautiful heart that I put there. Not everyone will care for your heart the way I do. Guard it and fill your life with those that will walk with you in the fire and on the beach. Life is about the extremes.

Testing and trials help the tree truck grow stronger to stand against the mighty winds that are sure to come again. You are a tree of life not death. Speak life and life will spring up wherever your travels take you. Even when others spit death upon you, life will still take root because you are an atmosphere changer. The darkness will always flee when Light arrives. Let Me take care of the battles of Life. You just focus on enjoying all that I have given you. You are blessed and My Favor surrounds you.”

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