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No doubt, you are sitting there overwhelmed with all of this information.  I know right now some of you were able to receive your full healing just reading over this long long page.  And the rest of you are feeling a mixture of hope and fear. Well, I have Good News. Those who have not received yet, I want you to settle in and listen to what I have to say. 

You have everything inside of you right now to receive your full healing! 

Faith & Grace! 

Jesus knows exactly what you need and is completely able and willing to do it right now!  When the disciples healed, they didn't have all of the understanding and knowledge that we have today. Yes, God wants us to understand to have knowledge and wisdom, but your freedom, healing, and deliverance Starts and Ends with Faith & Grace alone. 

I want you put your hands on your stomach and pray, "Lord Jesus, I Believe! I believe that you are willing and able to do all that I am in need of right now.  You have searched my heart and you know me. Increase my Faith to receive my healing right now where I am. Let me feel your fire and heat taking care of my needs.  Let me feel your presence all around me. Help me with my unbelief. Take me higher beyond what my human mind understands. Flood my spirit with your Spirit. I believe that you desire to heal me for you died to set me free of all things. I am not denied. I am your beloved Child whom you would die all over again for. There is nothing that separates me from your Love; your Power; and your Goodness. I receive and I believe. My faith is growing and overflowing in my life this very day. Let my feet dance in victory and Let my Voice shout of your Glory. Thank you Jesus. You are worthy of all of my Love and Worship of Praise. Amen

Just keep mediating on your faith and the Grace that heals. See in your mind and heart your faith growing larger and larger. Watch it overflow over you. Notice any heat on your body. Thank the Lord for everything He is doing for you right now, even if you are not immediately noticing anything. Your Faith will open up the spiritual realm as you practice and look for signs.  Reach out with your Faith and pull down your healing. This is your right as God's Child. See in your mind the need that you are asking Him for. See it Restored and Healed, and Whole! Grab a hold of what you are seeing and claim it for this is your right to receive. 

Faith is the measure that God gives you, and He gives everyone a level of Faith for where they are currently. But He is always increasing and building us up to receive more Faith. Ask for Him to fill in the gaps to where you have not and suddenly you have. Feel your faith rise up and you realize Jesus can do anything.  And what you are in need of is easy, and His will and desire to do for you.  

I want you to imagine being in a room where Jesus in on the stage healing. You have 1000 people around you. Some need your same healing and others are believing for other needs. Hear the shouts of Praise from all around the room as person after person receives their healing. Feel the charge in the atmosphere. It is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Now Jesus walks right up to you and lays His hand on your head. He says, My Child I so love you and your sins are forgiven. Your Faith has healed you. Instantly you feel the heat and power. You check and you are fully healed, restored, and made whole by Your King and Savior.





If you have worked on the pages under our Healing page for at minimum 30 days and have not fully seen your healing and deliverance breakthrough, we would like to extend an offer to have a private healing session with MaryEllen. We do not ask for any donation up-front, but donations are always appreciated. Please ONLY contact us if you have really utilized these Healing pages. During a session, the Holy Spirit will speak to MaryEllen about the root of what is still stuck. It is far easier for us to get through a session if you have already done the work on these pages. If interested, please send us an email with your healing and deliverance needs, and MaryEllen will contact you back. Thank You CONTACT

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